A Place for Bowhunters since 1966 

One of the oldest bowhunting clubs in the region, Flashing Feathers Bowhunters takes pride in the combined experience and knowledge of its members. New applicants are always welcome. They can expect a warm welcome, and enjoy the friendship, support and skills-sharing from a wide network of outdoorsmen and women. We're a tight-knit group with a commitment to the environment, wildlife conservation, and the bowhunting way. Summer and winter 3D archery leagues are held on the club grounds in Danby, NY. Every summer, we host a popular golf tournament in Trumansburg.



The FFBH Founding Fathers

Well before the advent of social media and outdoor TV, these eight men struck out to create a bowhunting community of like-minded individuals working toward success in the outdoors. We owe a great deal to these fine gentlemen for their perseverance in the early years to make this archery club a reality.

  • Roland Boda

  • Robert Boda

  • Dick Hautala

  • Ken Barber

  • Clifford Hill

  • Alex Thoumire

  • Percy Knettles

  • Luther Hall